Vanquish Products SCX10 Currie Rockjock Front Tubes Black VPS06671

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Aluminum Currie SCX-10 Front Tubes for the Currie Rockjock 70 Axle Housing

  • Fully licensed by Currie Enterprises
  • This is an upgrade kit for the Axial SCX platform trucks
  • Includes extra mounting holes for Panhard Bracket and other future attachments
  • Assembly required

 Includes the following:

  • 2pcs Left and Right SCX-10 Front Axle Tubes
  • 4pcs M3 x 0.5 BHCS 8mm
  • Instructions

 Compatible with the following:

  • Vanquish Locker
  • Vanquish SCX/AX-10 Heavy Duty CVD/VVD Axle Shafts
  • Vanquish SCX 8 Degree Chubs and High Steer Knuckles
  • Vanquish SCX-10 Shock Hoops

****Slight difference in color between tubes and other Currie parts due to finishing process.