Team Orion Vortex Ultimate MOD Brushless Motor 6.5T ORI28381

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  • High-Performance Sensored Brushless Modified Motor
  • Race Legal “Pushed To The Max“ design (IFMAR, ROAR, etc.)
  • World Champion Sensor Brushless Technology
  • Developed by Oscar Jansen with the help of our World and US National championship winning racing team.


  •  "Ultimate" low resistance and high efficiency design
  •  "Ultimate" sensor design for accurate timing adjustment and control
  •  Precision balanced rotor manufactured using a new magnetic material to improve brake efficiency and feeling
  •  New stator design and material for improved efficiency and cooler running temperatures
  •  Rebuildable, lightweight 4 piece can design with new angled front plate
  •  Hand wound and hand built in a Neidhart operated ISO9001 QC approved factory.