Schelle Racing Schelle Nova Spring and Washer Bag SCH1312

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Schelle Nova Spring and Washer Bag contains all the spare parts that come inside a Nova Slipper Clutch Set.   The original SCH1310 drive plates have been discontinued and replaced with the SCH1317 Nova Centric


  1. Topshaft tophat adapter.
  2. Slipper Spring.
  3. B5/ B6 4mm black spring adapter.
  4. TLR 22 Red spring adapter.
  5. Large aluminum shim is a spring spacer for the TLR topshaft, use if needed to space out the spring.

Not included:  Cone washer and centering washer.  If you need these parts, it's recommended to upgrade to the Nova Centric Drive Plates which do not use them.  No longer contains B4.1 and SC10 topshaft spring adapter for 5-40 topshaft.  You can drill out the red TLR spring adapter with a 1/8" drill  to use the set on an older B4 series car or truck.

*Parts also compatible with Avid Triad.