PineCar Rear Wheel Drive Chassis Weight P3911 Pinewood Derby Car

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The heavier your racer, the faster it will go. PineCar incremental weights allow weight adjustments, even on race day! Check local rules for maximum racer weight (usually 5 ounces) and minimum track clearance (usually 3/8" between bottom of racer and track). Axles must set flush with bottom of car to have 3/8" clearance when weight is surface mounted. Weigh racer and all its parts before attaching Chassis Weight. If necessary, remove a portion of the weight along molded-in lines.


  1. If using one-piece axles, install axle/wheel assemblies now. If using nail-type axles, install at any time.
  2. If needed, adjust Chassis Weight by breaking off incremental sections with pliers.
  3. Attach to bottom of car with included screws. OPTION: Use PineCar Formula Glue (P384) to attach to car. Allow 3-4 hours to dry.
  4. Chassis Weight may be modified by cutting to fit your car design. Use one of the metal-cutting blades from Racer Shaping Tools (P3930). Sand cut edges smooth.