RealFlight 7.5 Interling MD2
  • RealFlight 7.5 Interling MD2

Part #: GPMZ4520

RealFlight 7.5 Interling MD2 - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
  • Mode 2-Left Hand Throttle and Right Hand Elevator that is USA Standard
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista
  • Local administrator access required
  • Will not work with Mac platforms, Windows NT or Windows emulators such as Virtual PC on a Mac
  • Limited ability if used with Netbook
  • Greatly enhanced heli physics with features like; Sound and Motion Physics, props and wheels blur, and engine sound changes with RPM
  • Realism on Impact reacts to pilot's actions to save their heli after a hard landing or crash
  • Hundreds of sensor points for realistic reaction to impacts for Full Coverage Collision Detection
  • Depth of Field Effect keeps model that is being flown the focal point
  • Night Flying-orient your flight to lights on the field below
  • Pilot's eye view of flight with First Person Video (FPV)
  • FlexiField Flying Site Editor-add buildings, trees and more
  • Overhead Site Map shows the aircraft and runway locations
  • Smoke Reaction- realistic smoke and exhaust
  • Blade Stop Autos
  • Real Rendering reveals the fine details such as aircraft panel lines
  • Water Takeoffs and Landings with seaplanes or float equipped aircraft
  • Movable Camera Angles-add cameras to aircraft with the Aircraft Editor and rotate their positions
  • Accu-Model controls every aspect of aircraft and flying sites, changes wingspan, airfoils, glow or electric power, trim schemes and much more
  • Sky Grid-colored grid can be overlayed on the sky to ensure perfectly symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits
  • Wingtip and Rotary Trails allows pilot to trace their flight path
  • Reset/Rewind Button allows pilots to practice maneuvers, recreate aerobatics, and more. "Seek" function precisely pauses the action so pilot can analyze mistakes and correct them. Using Multiplayer and your Internet connection you can fly with other RealFlight pilots. Hook up with an instructor for one-on-one tutoring, engage in combat with a single opponent or a patrol - or host multiplayer events for a whole squadron. You can invite guests, choose sites, aircraft and events, limit play by points or elapsed time - and automate it all, so you can join the fun, too. -Please note, the number of participants in a Multiplayer session may be limited by the internet connection (speed and bandwidth) available to each participant.
  • Multiplayer Combat Events include Dead Ringer, Machine Gun, Streamer Cut, Hardcore Combat, Rocket, and Paintball - In Combat Events, select a single opponent from any number of participants and track his movement throughout the virtual arena.
  • Make your own Pilot's License. Choose a name, select an avatar, and create your own profile to share - including a personal statement and flight hours logged.
  • Use the Aircraft Editor to add cameras to your plane or heli, just like any other object. Movable camera angles can be changed through your controller. Activate servos using a switch or rotary knob to rotate the camera position.
  • TruFlo Wind Dynamics allow you to designate wind direction and speed, from blustery to mild. Several flying sites support Dynamic Slope
  • Soaring and hand-launch gliders. G5.5 more accurately renders thermal winds-static thermals and dynamic thermals
  • Built-in interface allows you to use your own transmitter if desired.
  • MultiMode lets you use the controller and interface simultaneously - a feature no other RC simulator has.
  • InterLink Elite controller features digital trims and QuickSelect, Virtual Flight Instruction, Training functions and lessons from the stick movements.
One Great Planes RealFlight 7.5 RC Flight Simulator DVD
InterLink Elite controller
Cable for JR and Hitec radios
Cable with micro-plug adapter for newer Futaba radios with square port (purchase GPMZ4064 if extra cable is needed)

Welcome Screen Options include:
Tip of the Day-Changes daily to offer user new and better ways to use RealFlight
Shortcuts for selecting new flying sites or aircraft, user's current favorites, and new aircraft/flying site combos
Built-in video player-with updated videos on essential flying skills

Minimum Recommended System: (Note: Some graphical Features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high-quality)
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Local administrator access required
Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalent
512 MB RAM
10 GB Hard Drive Space
DVD Drive
3D Accelerated Video with:
32 MB Dedicated Video Memory
Full Windows DirectX 9 compliant (Shader Model 2.0 or better)
Optimal System: For best graphical performance
Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
3D Accelerated Video with:
512 MB dedicated video memory
Pixel Shader 3.0 support
Multiplayer Requirements:
Broadband Internet connection
Computer microphone for voice chat
Interlink Elite Controller:
USB Port
Compatible FM or FM selectable transmitter if using the Interface mode

Note: Connectors on the InterLink Elite cord and included adapters make the InterLink Elite compatible with the trainer jack on most Futaba and all JR Spektrum, Hitec and Tower Hobbies systems. Special adapters for use with most older Futaba and Hitec systems are available separately.