Bob Smith Industries QUICK-CURE 5 Minute Epoxy (4 1/2oz) BSI201

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This is a four and a half ounce package of Bob Smith Industries QUIK-CURE? 5 Minute Epoxy. QUIK-CURE? 5 Minute epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency. This lack of brittleness allows it to form a lasting bond in areas subjected to high vibration or stress. QUIK-CURE? shouldn?t be used in areas that are subject to long-term immersion in water; however, it works fine for the internal structure of wood framed boats. QUIKCURE? is the only BSI epoxy on which you can apply polyester resins. It can be mixed with microballoons to form a quick setting putty. Items bonded with QUIK-CURE? can be handled after 15 minutes. Full strength is reached in 1 hour.