Duratrax Picket ST 2.8 2WD Mounted Rear C2 Black (2) DTXC3548

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This is a pair of Duratrax Picket ST 2.8" C2 Tires and Wheels for the rear of the Traxxas Electric Powered 2WD Rustler, Stampede, and Monster Jam
  • C2 (soft) compound is comparible to Pro-Line M3 and AKA soft ratings
  • Designed for asphalt, concrete, hard and smooth surfaces
  • Ideal for low to medium traction condtions
  • White sidewall markings
  • One piece foam inserts
  • Two each, Picket ST 2.8" C2 Tires, Foam Inserts and Black Wheels
  • Wheel Diamter: 2.8" (71mm)
  • Width: 1.9" (49mm)
  • Hex Size: 12mm