Schelle Racing Nova 64 Pitch 96T Spur SCH1328

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This is a 64 pitch version spur gear for stock buggy racers.  The tooth count is higher due to the smaller teeth of 64 pitch, but this is the similar diameter to running a 72 tooth 48 pitch spur.   64 pitch pinions and Nova slipper are required to run this spur gear.

Nova spur gears are made in the USA from a custom blend material for maximum strenght and mininal noise.   Nova gears are moisture equalized before packaging to make them strong and quiet.

  • Nova gears roll smoothly because of their involute tooth profile which prevents the teeth from dragging as they roll.
  • Nova gears are centerpoint injected for uniform thickness and balance resulting in a true-spinning spur gear. 
  • Nova Gears are marked with the number of teeth on the outer edge.