LIGHTner Discharger Premium
  • LIGHTner Discharger Premium
  • LIGHTner Discharger Premium
  • LIGHTner Discharger Premium


LIGHTner Discharger Premium - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

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A high power discharger has become a must-have in 17.5 stock racing.  Warming up your LiPos lowers their internal resistance and allows them to deliver their maximum power. The LIGHTner High Power Discharger can easily dump a 2s battery at 40 Amps when paired with an iCharger that supports regenerative discharge mode (308DUO, 406DUO, or 4010DUO).

Most dischargers on the market today use power resistors and standard heat-sinks along with one or more cooling fans powered off the discharge line. The fans on these dischargers speed up and slow down as the iCharger manages the output voltage during the discharge cycle. When the discharge cycle stops, the fans turns off. Unfortunately, the power resistors are still extremely hot at the end of a discharge cycle. I have personally measured one of these dischargers at 160°C/320°F! The resistors heat-soak, eventually resulting in complete failure, leaving you with an expensive door stop.

LIGHTner High Power Dischargers are based on ceramic thermistors paired with a thermostatically controlled 120mm cooling fan. Ceramic thermistors are designed to efficiently dissipate large amounts of energy as heat. The thermistors used in LIGHTner dischargers are rated at 24 Volts, 500 Watts, and 210°C/410°F.  Discharging a 2s pack at 40 Amps has a peak power of around 330 Watts.  The LIGHTner High Power Discharger reaches a maximum temperature of around 82°C/180°F which is well under the specifications for the thermistors resulting a long and healthy life.

The 120mm cooling fan in the LIGHTner High Power Discharger is thermostatically controlled and powered by its own dedicated 12 Volt supply. The fan turns on when the discharger gets hot and stays running until the discharger has cooled back down. Once the fan has turned off, which is usually around 30-60 seconds after completion of the discharge cycle, the LIGHTner High Power Discharger is cool enough to pick up and stick in your pit bag.

Dimensions: 4.75"(W) x 5.5"(D) x 2.75"(H)