God Hand Tapered Nipper 120mm Craft Grip Series GH-CN-120-S

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The tip is for delicate work, the blade root is for cutting thick wire.
cutting capacity: brass wire φ1.5mm, aluminum wire φ3.0mm, Hiroshi white line φ1.5mm

Easy to hold grip
Grip has been designed in a way that along the palm of the hand. Long difficult hands hurt be used because there is a thick, you can hold a stable manner by the exquisite curve.

Adoption of a sandwich structure of a three-ply. A force that twisted at the time of cutting is less likely to occur, making it difficult out rattling.

The use of high durability spring
Easy-to-use and durable leaf spring we use the (leaf spring). With moderate elasticity, also plays role of stopper to prevent the grip is too spread.

Round blade contact surface is small
Since the round blade (the surface of the curved surface of the blade), the contact surface is pin point of pressing cut. If you do not want to scratch around the surface, it is also useful for example, if you cut out the unnecessary parts of the binding band.

Angle of inclination of the versatile blade
Blade tilt angle so high 30 ° versatility of, or turn off the foot of the electronic components to approach at an angle, and turn off the wire straight, takes an active part in various situations.

Can cut a variety of wire
Such as a wire or metal wire, you can cut a variety of wire rod. (9-pin and T pin of the cut) models and handmade accessories, such as a wire art and electronic tools, you can use a variety of tools.