God Hand Nipper PN-125 3mm or less GH-PN-125

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The GodHand GH-PN-125 'normal' plastic cutting nipper offers efficient, clean part removal from plastic kit sprues. Suitable for plastics only, these nippers can be used on PS, PP, ABS and PE resins to 3mm. With doubled edged cutting this nipper operates in the traditional method of side cutters or diagonal cutting pliers.


* Total length: Approx 130mm.
* Weight: Approx 55g.
* Made in Japan.

Tips & Safety:

* For safety, always wear protective glasses, gloves and other protective gear.
* Cuttings may become projectiles. Use away from fragile objects & other people.
* Do not use cutting tool to pry other objects.
* Do not touch the cutting edge directly.
* Do not use on plastic over cutting capacity.
* Do not cut metal, including wire.
* Apply oil to the metal shaft & cutting edge to prevent rust.
* Keep out of reach of children.

Note: Replacement of GodHand GH-GN-125 Double Edged Plastic Cutting Nippers.