Schelle Racing Team Associated B6 B6D Aluminum Steering Rack Black SCH1251

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Secure and tighten the steering assembly on your B6 and B6D with the Schelle Aluminum Steering Rack.  Changing to the CNC Schelle steering rack will remove some slop and add durability to the assembly without making the car feel on-edge.   Available in black or blue anodize finish, the rack fits great and looks amazing.   You can change your ballstud shimming 100 times and the threads will not wear out like a plastic part.   

B6 Aluminum Steering Rack Features:
•    CNC Aluminum with Schelle logo and silver edge finish.
•    Black anodize.
•    Precision machined bearing fit reduced slop.
•    Threaded holes can handle lots of steering rack washer changes.
•    Includes machined bearing spacers.
•    Comes with B6 steering rack, bearing spacers, and Schelle Mini Decal.
•    Fits both B6 and B6D.