Schelle Racing Team Associated B5M T5M SC5M Steel C Mount Black SCH1202

Schelle Racing Team Associated B5M T5M SC5M Steel C Mount Black SCH1202

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The Schelle B5M Steel C Mount adds weight where you need it down low, and directly in front of the rear axle.  Specifically designed to plant the rear end, the Steel C is perfect for 3-Gear customers looking for more confidence in their ride.  The added 15 grams give helps the car rotate through the turns and lets you put down the power on exit.  Use thread lock to secure the mount and it will stay securely on the chassis while racers can replace the plastic inserts to adjust toe-in and anti-squat.    This C Mount looks great with a stealthy black coating, and is a great compliment to the existing Schelle Aluminum "D" Mount. 

B5M Steel C Mount Features:

  1. Increased durability and adding 15g total weight ahead of the rear axle (+10g heavier than aluminum)
  2. Increased rear grip for 3-Gear, helps 3-Gear car rotate in turns and accelerate straight on exit.
  3. Precision CNC machined, black coated.
  4. Adjust toe-in and anti-squat by changing plastic inserts instead of removing the "C" mount off of the chassis.
  5. Schelle snap case and mini decal included.   Save the snap case to hold your spare inserts!
  6. Compatible with all standard width arm mount systems, will not work with +4mm wide pin systems.
  7. Fits B5M, T5M, SC5M.  
  8. SCH1203 or ASC91385 toe inserts required.

*Schelle recommend using blue thread lock on screws when installing.